Sunday, October 08, 2006

RM 800.00

As expected, Ayah fix Joe himself. He bought the spare parts and being a mechanical engineer, he repaired the car professionally within an hour without anyboyd's help. That's my dad! Cars and boats are his speciality. No wonder many of his friends requested him to open up a workshop because they all wanted to send their cars to him for repairs. But Ayah don't want to be tied up in it. He enjoys doing it just for his cars. Cheaper and in-good-hands. You can't alwasy trust those mechanics out there. They just doing it for the money. Soon you'll notice more and more problems occur and then the more you have to spent to get it fix.

Anyway, Ayah said the problem was the oil filter. And the spare part itself cost almost rm800. Adoii.. duit lagi.. Ayah, I'll pay you after 16th October ok. That's the pay-day this month.

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