Saturday, October 28, 2006

pre-raya recap

And we're back in KL.

Here's the recap of the happenings since last week :

  1. Saturday 21st - afternoon : Went to KLCC for last minute shopping spree. Bought for myself a total of RM1k of SK2 products. Several of my items are nearly finish and this is the perfect time to shop for new stocks because of the current promotion - which from the purchase, I obtained free one red luggage bag (the size that most stewardess carries, with rollers and all), one red hard cover utility bag, one SK2 white bath towel and about five mini SK2 travelling kit. You might think I'm crazy and it's expensive but believe me, these products lasts longer than expected. I spent this much last January while buying my first complete stock and now I'm buying them again to be used starting next month. So, I can say that it takes almost a year for the whole stock to run out.

    1. Saturday 21st - evening : Prepare Amin's chicken soup and porridge. Need to get his food supplies ready. Han asked why can't I cook later at kampung? Errkk.. Do you have any idea of what you are talking about? With all the relatives kecoh there, I don't think I will be able to walk in the kitchen at all. You'll understand better when I describe the scenario later.

      1. Sunday 22nd - morning : Did not go back to bed after sahur, spent the whole morning to prepare Amin's luggage and mine too, of course. Also managed to fold the laundry, do the dishes and dust the furniture here and there.

        1. Sunday 22nd - afternoon : Get ready to head to Nenasi. Mom called from kampung and as usual, pot pet pot pet asking me what's taking us so long to start our journey and that the traffic will be terrible today and we will not make it to breaking fast with them later. (Mom, dad and Ijah went back yesterday morning)

          1. Sunday 22nd - evening : The highways were cleared! Han said the driving was very boring because of the empty roads and we reached Kg. Tanjung Batu at exactly 6.00 pm.. Haha, that should keep mom quiet for a while.

            1. Sunday 22nd - night : Took Amin for his 2nd time to terawih with me at the mosque which located right in front of the house. He's an angel as usual and slept on my lap after the witir prayers.

              1. Monday 23rd - day : Today's the day to get everything ready for Raya is tomorrow. There were almost 60 lives in the house. Yup, S I X T Y.. six zeroo!! I'm serious, no kidding. How do we fit into this house? Well, imagine a wooden single storey bungalow in a compound area of a football field, with 8 bedrooms, 4 living rooms stretched in a row, 2 verandas, 2 dining area, 2 bathrooms and if that's not enough, we still have a bathroom outside with perigi still intact. It's Tok Nah's turn this year. All Tok Nah's siblings with their children and grandchildren were here. Everybody came to Raya here instead of at their in-laws. The same applied to me too as last year we went back to Penang for Raya, hence, this year, it's Nenasi time. Several of my uncles, aunties, cousins and I were involved in making the ketupat out of the coconut leaves. Han's in charged of putting the rice into the ketupat while mom act as the QC- quality control, checking the ketupat rice volume and tighten the anyaman. My male teenage cousins responsible for cooking the ketupat where they're keeping close monitoring on the water level and constant boiling. Ijah, Kak Ngah and MakDe Ani were busy in the kitchen making semperit, my favourite Raya cookie of all times. Others were busy cleaning the house, some were taking out the plates and glasses from the cabinets and the rest were preparing the breaking fast dishes. As for the smaller version of us, they're scattering around, running here and there playing inside, outside and under the house too!

                1. Monday 23rd - night : After breaking fast, it's the playing fireworks time. Fun time for not just kids, but the bigger ones too. But, one unfortunate incident happened, where Amin, who was with me playing bunga api, suddenly cried out loud because one of the sparks from the bunga api accidentally dropped onto his fingers and burnt a spot off his skin. Oh poor cutie pie, mommy so sorry.
                That's about it on the pre-Raya recap. Coming up next will be the Syawal happenings.

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