Thursday, October 12, 2006


The one thing that I enjoy about going for training is that I got to run away from my everyday job. Yup. Freedom! I felt excited and absolutely happy knowing that I have 2 whole day off-work and attending training. And the best part about the training is that it has nothing to do with technical, programming or detailing! It's just a motivational training that the company gives in the process of transforming the staff to 'living-up' to the new corporate image.

The training module was very appropriate but sometimes I think it's not us staffs that needs help, but actually our management / leaders that needs to be brought down to earth. No matter how many trainings given, how many times organisational structure reshuffled, or how many millions of money wasted to revamp the corporate image, if the management still doing their job based on personal interest and political alliances, then we will never be the people's choice that we target to be. The concept is like buying a fish at the market, the quality lies in the head.

I am also very particular about trainers. I have no problem in volunteering and participating in activities, but I was a bit annoyed by the attitude of my trainer who kept checking her handphone, sms-ing and making calls after assigning us to group activities. Yes, I can tolerate if it's the participants using the phone considering that they had to leave their work and responsibility behind to attend this training. But when it comes to trainers, I see no reason for it because it's supposedly be her job and as a trainer to be fully committed and seriously involved.

Then, there's the one thing that I do not enjoy during training is that the training location - Jalan Semarak. Oh wow.. You don't have to live in KL to know just how bad the traffic here. Imagine yourself driving happily to the sound of the radio, beautiful morning, bright blue skies (thanks to recent rainy days that had cleared the dirty air) and as soon you enter the highway, you're forced to a halt and start moving about one meter per minute! The morning traffic was better than the evening ones, because I think morning is when everybody is very much relax in starting the day, but at 5pm, after a tiring day at work, drivers tend to loose focus, feeling sleepy and just wanna get home to rest. This is when things can get nasty. People starting to cut queue, shift from one lane to another just to overcome the car infront and forget to signal, causing other drivers to hit the emergency break. I'm always more scared of that car that's behind me rather than in front. I'm worried that if I had to hit the emergency break, the car behind me might not be aware of it and accidentally bumped into me. And I also hate motorists who assume that we drivers have to always give way for them to squeeze in anywhere they like!

Oh well.. this is the life in KL.. either you live with it, or get the hell out of here..

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