Friday, November 03, 2006

money matters

Went to Tabung Haji this morning to bank in Amin's duit raya together with the money in his tabung at home. It totalled up to RM165. It's not much but I'm proud of him for picking up coins around the house (and also his grandparents place) and never fails to put them in his tall white tabung Tabung Haji a.k.a his piggy bank.

Also withdrawn RM3k from my account and then went to Maybank to pay up my Maybank Visa - RM2100. About half more amount to go.. oh my.. Hope to be able to pay up Alliance Credit Card tomorrow at the Ikea branch. Plan to settle the RM70.87 Visa outstanding balance and RM600 out of RM946.56 for the Ikea charges. The remaining, is for my pocket money.

Yup, tomorrow we plan to go to Ikea in the morning together with dad and his Land Cruiser, to buy Amin's bed. We've decided to go for the Vikre expandable bed. It can be extended from child sized bed to adult single sized bed. Cool huh? So, it'll be space saving for now and money saving for the future as we don't have to change beds as he grows taller. I'm also thinking on buying a new dining table. Currently we're using this very cheap wooden dining table with metal legs holdings which requires monthly self-checking due to screws falling out now and then (luckily not all the screws fall out at once, yet). Amin's bed cost only RM390 and my target for the dining table and chairs should be around RM1000. I'll go for the Alliance Ikea 0% installment plan, 6 months deal. I can go for the 12/18 or 24 months but I prefer the 6. I think that's the best because I can afford to spent around RM300 per month and at the same time will be able to buy other new stuffs and use the installment plan again after 6 months.. yeay!

Note for today : The key in living a healthy financial life is to spent wisely and spent where there's 0% installment plan.. ahakss

Note to self :
  • Already paid Yati via Maybank2u RM382 for the Herbalife, yesterday. Probably get it next week. To contact Yati on Monday.
  • Including today, insyaAllah, complete 4 days of fasting. Got another 2 more days to repay. To continue fasting Monday and Tuesday next week since there's a lot of open houses to attend this weekend.
  • Finally purchased several tees from threadless - 9 tees to be exact, totalling up to USD172. Should arrive within 2 to 3 weeks.
  • No more spending money until next year. Next month pay check goes to dad - still haven't paid him the Joe's sick bill and Raya clothes tailoring charges = RM1k.

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