Monday, January 08, 2007

1st day @ work

My 2 weeks vacation was a blessing. No internet, no workload, no phonecalls from the office.. yeah, right! huh.. except for that one, of course.. We spent the first few days here at home, launging around, watching dvd, sleeping until noon (Amin too, no kidding!) and I even managed to cook breakfast and lunch a couple of times. Then we spent a week in Penang for the Raya Aidiladha and the remaining days back here in KL. Oh how I love the holidays.

And today, I'm feeling good. Feeling fresh. Feels great to be back in the office. To sit in this absolutely freaking cold server room. To assist my staff in answering calls pertaining to broadband problems. To surf this reporting application and checking it one by one to see if any frontliner failed to update the reports from time to time. Oh my god.. who am I kidding? I hate this job. Seriously, I do. I can do better than this, dammit. I deserve better. My IQ is dropping by the second here. Huwaaaa... I want to get out of here.. Help me pleaseee..

Oh well, enough said.

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