Sunday, June 05, 2011

I want hotdog with cheese in bread

Say whattt??
That's what Amin said to me as soon as he woke up.
One of the challenges for me is to come up with food that my kids will eat.
Both my sons are skinny and I strongly believe that relates to the daddy's genes because hubby was like a walking stick when he was little.

But I can't help worrying the fact that I haven't been feeding them much, you know?
So you can imagine how happy I was when Amin saved me from injuring my brain cells, by telling me what exactly that he wanted for breakfast.

As usual, I fried the hotdogs with olive oil after boiling them.
Call me paranoid but there were times when Amin actually vomitted the hotdog because it was not well cooked on the inside.
Since then, I will make sure to run it for a minute or five, on the pan for the assurance.

Pressed the bread onto the same pan and then rolled up the hotdog with the cheese.
Put on slow fire and let the cheese melt itself.

Quickly flip the bread into two and wallaaaa, there you have it!

Last but not least, another one of Amin's must have, the ketchup!
Yummmyyyy !


  1. great recipe for a hot dog!

  2. gosh u make me hungwee...hehe

  3. leoness > simple jer beb.. yg penting, senang di buat and sedap di makan! hehe..


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