Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Ongoing Love Affair with Sabrina

Well, let me introduce you to one of the Coach Madison Collection, the Sabrina!

Yes, it all started with this picture of Michelle Trachtenberg with green patent Sabrina. (picture found in tpf)It was March 2009, so, I simply asked hubby for it as my birthday present. From the picture, hubby said it's an ugly green but he still bought it because I was so determined on it.
And when it arrived, wallaaaa!! He got the shock of his life! As the green turns out to be more than stunning! Introducing, the Coach Madison Large Green Patent Leather Sabrina, style # 12948This marks the Sabrina love affair! I love that it can be hand-held, and comes with detachable strap for shoulder carry. I've fallen deeper in love with it each day and unable to fight the temptations of buying several more.. well, another 5 to be exact! hahaha..

Coach Madison Large Camel Patent Leather Sabrina, style # 12948
Which was also gorgeously worn by Hayden Pannettiere.(picture found in tpf)

Coach Madison Large Black Leather Sabrina, style # 12949

Coach Madison Large Cherry Leather Sabrina, style # 12949

Coach Madison Large Berry Leather Sabrina, style # 12949

Coach Madison Large Steel Leather Sabrina, style # 12949

I love it sooo much that I just had to buy one for my mom! This was my mom's recent birthday present, Coach Madison Medium Op Art Khaki Brown Sabrina, style # 12947

There's also the Julianne style in the Coach Madison Collection. It is the largest in Madison collection and carries similar trade of the Sabrina, and of course I couldn't let it slide off just like that! haha.. This is the Coach Madison Op Art Brown Julianne, style # 12963

And lastly, the Sabrina Family picture!! ta-daaa!!


  1. hi how much u bought this bag and where..hmm u rasa this bag sesuai for all peringkat umo ke or tak sesuai untuk umo 30 an.Coach Madison Medium Op Art Khaki Brown Sabrina, style # 12947

    sorry silly Q

  2. hi lily!
    thanks for reading my blog..
    i love sabrina and helloooooo i'm 30ish too..
    it has absolutely no age limit!
    my 20ish sister can wear it and my 50ish mom rocks it too!
    i bought mine from coach boutique here, hongkong, usa.
    it's cheaper now coz this is an older design to the newly released madison audrey so u might get better bargains on ebay.
    good luck!

  3. owh ye ker i tgh cari this bag and currently ada this website selling this for rm1180 ok ker?pls reply

  4. mula tuh i ingat nak beli kristin opt.pas tu berkenan lak wif this bag huhuuu.okey ke beli tru ebay coz i tak penah purchase from ebay.

  5. Hi,
    seriously... sometimes I saja2 singgah sini jamu mata tgk your bag. Seronok..hehe..
    Baru ada seketul Coach, tapi tgk you punya collection terpengaruh jugak ni :D

  6. thanks Liyana for dropping by my blog!
    glad u enjoyed it..
    do stop by again sometime ok..

    psstt.. i love your FURLA NINFEA!!


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