Thursday, January 28, 2010

I was a pramaholic..

Yup.. Stroller, pram, buggy, pushchair or whatever you may call this mechanism to transport your precious cargo in.. Cargo here means none other than your cutie-pie child, of course!

But then again, it sparked off after I discovered the Strollers And Prams forum!
Hubby and I bought the Combi Super Mechacal DX as our very first stroller.  We never studied anything about strollers at that time. The only thing that matters was that it has to be a Combi because we trusted in Japanese product being long lasting and assuming that it's the most advanced in technology like whatever electrical/ mechanical stuffs made in Japan itself.

Ok, hold on to your horses..
I'm gonna make a new post dedicated especially to this stroller.. yes, yes, I will search for the pictures of it too!
Stay tuned!

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  1. Hi a stroller maniac too. I did owned,tried n sold it after few months using it.test drive buzz,cameleon,ziko. Used to have 5 strollers at 1 time when my girl was only 4 months. Now i stik to my hot pink bugaboo bee and my zapp twine bouht from kak el.Saw your great stuffs at kak yaz blog esp on the liners.last time did asked kak elva gk about you still do it?can you make liners n hood for my bugaboo bee cuz now my boy ride on it is weird when the hood is hot pink despite the fact that my boy is definitely hot! me at


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