Friday, February 12, 2010

Do I need a brown bag?

Seriously, I have not been using a brown coloured handbag for almost 6 months!
I actually sold my Coach Madison Op Art Brown Julianne, style # 12963 about 3 months after purchasing it because I find myself using it only once!
And why is that?
Because with my brown clothings, I prefer to match it with the Coach Madison Large Steel Leather Sabrina, style # 12949, it simply pops up and looks more stunning.
So anyway, despite the fact that I seriously can live and have been alive without any brown coloured bags all this time, I still wonder about the 'perfect' brown bag.. yeah, we will talk about other colours later, but this time, it's about brown, chocolate, dark beige, khaki, camel or whatever shades we may call it..

I'm thinking this, Chanel Bubble Quilt Bowler Camera Sac in Dark Beige (picture found in which exactly that my dear irene-alia has. 
or the similar collection, Chanel Bubble Quilt Flap in Brown as seen on Blake Lively

But seriously, this particular one has got me thinking for some time..
Louis Vuitton Damier Trevi

I just can't get over it!
The chequered chocolate pattern looks sooo yummylicious!
But I'm worried about matching it..
I'm so in dilemma..
Will it suit with all my outfits?
Will it match with my floral skirts?
Will I need to pair it up with plain clothings only?
How about my stripe tees?
Should I stay away from chequered shirts?
Goshh!! I've never been soo attracted to this damier prints before like I'm having now with this trevi!!
Hmm.. so, what do you think?


  1. babe!surely u'll never go wrong with the trevi!its absolutely stunning n TDF!its classic n evergreen eternally :) n will fits u very well in any outfits!be it for any functions with baju kurung,day out with jeans, office wear, casual outfits.its simply awesome! :) go get urs nowwwwwwww :D goodluck babe! :) damier is the best pick ;)

  2. u sure?
    will it not look crowded with our floral baju kurung?
    i even hesitate to use the mono speedy with kurung.. i'm afraid if i might end up looking like a clown..

  3. hi... just blog hopping :) i think it's ok to pair LV mono or damier with any tops... just keep everything else simple, example if pakai tudung, wear plain tudung.... and jgn lah sarat sgt with other accessories (rantai, subang etc)...

  4. thanks naddy and niza for the reassurance!
    it sounds like music to my ears..

  5. i vote for treviiiiii!!! hehehhee...tho its chanel, tp i kureng skets yg bubble klo ade yg acntik why not :D

  6. hi verde!
    i know!
    i saw one of your thread wanting the trevi!
    so, did u get it, in the end?
    PM ke GM babes?


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