Monday, March 08, 2010

Damn those 'kek lapis'

You are right irene-alia..
This particular kek lapis has officially made its way into my head and refused to get out!
 This silver looks yummy..
..but I bet the peach is more delicious..
..and I'd kill if it serves in khaki green!!
So, I guess, it must be a destiny for me not to get it because it (speedy) doesn't come in khaki, huh?
Nope, me not hungry for neo :(


  1. I saw those kek lapis in Marina Mall last Friday. Khaki Green is really nice IRL! But I suka lagi Chevron Flap in kat sini kiri kanan depan belakang org carry ittew chevron...uwaaaaa....kalaulah harga chanel seketul macam harga coach kan best.

  2. fuhhh..
    this is a relief..coz, i don't like the chevron pattern!
    i prefer the classic diamond quilt..

    but oh heaven nyerr if the price of chanel same as coach!
    i'll definitely be getting the large camera case!

  3. Chevron is actually a rare gem and a must have for Chanel collectors. But if u are just into the Chanel world must get something classic first, like the classic quilted. I think nak beli the chevron, tapi tengah kuatkan iman. Hopefully kuat...amin... =)

  4. alamak..
    tak dapek laa i nak tolong u kuatkan iman!
    sbb if i can afford it, definitely i'll get it, especially if i'm a collector of great handbags like u!
    sungguh tinggi skali tanduk ku..

  5. Huuhuu..I can't even afford a Coach pun! Aida...passing2 la 1 u nya kasi i rasa... Hihi

  6. boley je yaz..
    i've put up some for sale already..
    go and have a look.. manalah tahu berkenan..
    insyaAllah, boleh instalment!
    sure det bagi.. hehe


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