Monday, March 01, 2010

Emergency Weekend

I can tolerate this...
...but this is starting to get me worried..
... and helloooo, PARANOID is my middle name!
I'm a mom, I have every darn right to get panicked!
It's already 2 weeks, since before the CNY break..
..after 3 panel clinics visit..
..after 2 course of antibiotics..
..after 3 bottles of panadol for kids..
..after numerous of paracetamol insert..
Arif's fever still on/ off and ended up worsen!
Especially now with purging and vomiting!
So here we were today, at the emergency ward, admitted, for blood test..
My poor baby, still managed to fall asleep after being pricked for 3 blood vials.
Blood test proven that it is not dengue fever..
..he's not dehydrated..
..not a blood infection..
..nor a liver infection..
..and not food poisoning either..
It's a viral infection, and Arif was not responding to previous antibiotics..
So, the doctor gave a different type of antibiotic and hope this time, it works..
Thank you very much to all the staffs at the emergency ward today, for taking us seriously! 
Louis Vuitton Trevi just made a cameo.. haha


  1. Gosh!!! 40 degrees? Nasib baik viral. Saw ur new trevi, congrats bebs!

  2. thanks irene..
    baby's getting better today..
    me took urgent leave just to monitor him with his new medication..
    still purging but lessen..

    and yeah, after much deliberation, i decided to get the trevi!!

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