Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Just another grey bag?

So far so good, I have been grey-less for more than two months now and have been using my black bags in replacement to match my grey clothings. (since I've sold my Coach Legacy Garcia Grey Leather Tote)
And that brings me to the question, do I really need a grey bag at all?
Hmm.. maybe not..
But irene-alia flaunted her Gucci Pelham recently and oh gosh this is sooo tempting!

So, just for the fun of it, if I managed to struck gold, I'd be getting this in a heart-beat!
I first saw it on Sophia Bush (picture found in tpf)
Then, saw it on Reese Witherspoon (picture found in tpf)
Also on Lily Allen (picture found in tpf)
ohhhh soooo gorgeous!!
Chanel Reissue Grey Large Camera Case


  1. Nice!!! Seriously get it get it. I doakan u strike gold. Now saya tgh angau warna bag mcm Guccissima Sukey (I think nama dia Tan kot) or Orange or Yellow or Red! Musim STRIKING!

  2. ohhhh thank you for the "strike-gold-wishes!"
    i desperately need that!
    i knowwww.. cantikkan?
    but in real life the distressed look on the chanel grey camera case looks like an old-used-bag laa..
    mcm tak cantik laa plak..
    unless if i look like reese whitherspoon ke, lain laa citer..


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