Sunday, March 21, 2010

A lesser guilt..

It's a bright sunny day.
Hot, to be exact.
We need ice cream!
Which then my smart a$$ sister suggested this!
For a less guilty feeling!
There's no fix price here.. 
All is self service..
You take the paper bowl and go to the yoghurt dispenser machine and just pull the lever to which ever flavour you desire and in any amount you want and then head on to the toppings counter and splash whatever stuffs you want to pile up.. and then weigh it at the counter for the cashier to calculate the price according to the weight..
Just don't get shocked later to see that basically in this large bowl size, it should be around RM14 to RM20 !

We bought the mango and strawberry flavour, top with fruits and chocolate chip and gummy bears..
 And another one is plain and chocolate flavour yoghurt, top with banana slice, cornflakes, and again chocolate chips and gummy bears too.. Just for tips, cornflakes is practically weightless, so, you can put as much as you can! hehe.. yup, we're counting the weight here for the total yoghurt price, remember?
Amin loves this so much, he had his gloves on ready.. yeah, my sister called him MJ the whole day!


  1. Ohh...I lvoe Malaysia...if compared to here, foods are cheap over there. If kat sini kan, one bowl besar tu yg takde topping, just the fro-yo gonna cost u around RM24! Kalau tambah toppings lagilah, huhuhu..

  2. takpe abbe...pejam mate long as theres fruits n cereal, its consider healthy! hehehhehehe

  3. sedap laaaa..

    eh kat kedai mana benda alah nih..i tingin laaaaaaa

  4. oh gosh!
    i forgot to mention the whereabouts!
    this cafe is located in TTDI - taman tun dr.ismail, the exact row behind Sri Munawwarah (i'm sure u know where that is! LOL)
    yes, it's on the same row as KFC.


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