Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One more!

The Date : 29th March 2010
The Venue : Pannaz, Damansara Perdana
The Event : Birthday Celebration
The Star : Moi!
Soooo cute..
Thanks sayang, for the double celebration..


ShaFiAti said...

happy birthday aida..smoga panjang umur dah dimurahkan rezeki selalu..take care..:)

jelita78 said...

thanks sue!
tue dah aku weii!!

cz22 said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you got a special birthday celebration! :)

jelita78 said...

thanks cz22!!
yeah, i'm glad too..
got me almost to tears!

yaz said...

Aida!!!How did i missed this post.?!Sorry
Happy Belated birthday dear. Muahhhhhh!
So the promotion was cum birthday gift too I suppose.
I wish you all the happiness that life can offer.Stay nice,charming adorable..not forgetting garang but cute as ever-Hehe. Itu pada 'adik manis' you ni.
Yaz :))

jelita78 said...



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