Monday, April 19, 2010

Deliciously yummy..

Its name speaks for itself..
Seriously..even the fried mushroom is a to-die-for starter..
The kid's all time dish, Carbonara Spaghettini.
My favourite, the classic ceaser salad.
 My sister's pick, Spicy Seafood Speghettini..
 My sister-in-law's choice was quite similar too, Spicy Crabmeat Linguini..
While both mom's preferred the traditional meal..
Nyonya Curry Laksa (Mee) for my mom..
and Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Percik (Flavoured Rice and Chicken) for my mom-in-law..
I believe this to be the perfect spot for family gathering..
As it has numerous type of cuisine to fit our variety of tastes..
From the Classic Beef Lasagne.. to this new twist Iced Peach Tea..
But whatever our preference were, we all 100% agreed to this!
Chocolicious Sundae with Fresh Strawberries.. yummy..


  1. babe, u should try tony rmas fried mushroom!!! sedap nak mamssss ok! hehehehhehehe...

  2. wow, really?
    thanks for the tips verde!
    i'll order that next time we're there..


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