Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reunited.. and it feels so good..

Once upon a time, somewhere in year 2006 to be exact, I have bought this "look-a-like" at Batu Feringhi, Penang..
Yes, I bought a fake one, for RM90.. 
Not that cheap for a fake Coach either, if you ask me..
I admit, I bought a counterfeit handbag, but this was my first and until today, it was the last one too. 

During that time, I was not really into bags yet and was just passing  by the crowded night market there.
Then I saw it hanging by the side walk.
I bought it because I loved the design.
Initially, I didn't know it was an imitation because I had never seen it in real life yet.
Most probably because I had not step foot into any Coach boutique at that particular era.
Also, the bag only comes with one thing that showed the brand, which was a silver metal hangtag attached to the strap.  
There was not a single brand name seen printed on the outside nor on the interior label.
But my sister knew it was a Coach because she has seen it on some fashion magazine at that time.

Anyway, it was nothing to be proud of, as it was easily damaged due to it being a fake.
The interior zip was broken after 4 days of me zipping/ unzipping it.
The strap sealant started to peeled out after two weeks.
Which resulted it be thrown into the dustbin after less than 2 months.

I have forgotten about it over the years, until recently, I stumbled upon it on the eVIL-bay.
I just had to have it!
And rekindled the love I once had.
No doubt, this time, it's simply surreal.
The leather, is thicker.
The flower patch, is for real an art.
For me, it is breathtakingly beautiful!

Presenting, my love at first sight.. Coach Spring 2006 Poppy White Gallery Tote, style # 9244
with a kick-a$$ lining!
In case you're wondering, here are some features of the bag
  • Fabulous lightweight Coach white leather tote with suede and leather Poppy flower patchwork combo.
  • Side pockets with Goldtone Turnlock Closures
  • Stunning RED fabric lining! (this surprises me because never before Coach made a bag with this shade of red lining!)
  • Large Interior zip pocket
  • Two Cellphone/multifunction pockets
  • D-Ring to clip an accessory or keyfob
  • Matching Coach white leather hang-tag
  • Size 12" (L) x 9" (H) x 4" (W)
  • Zip-top closure with leather zipper pull (It's a break-away zip to be exact, meaning that the zip completely detached at the far-most-end.. seriously, I am not a fan of this type of zip because it's difficult for me to zip the bag as I need both hands to lock in the zip, but I made my exception specially for this tote)
  • 17" double strap that gives approximately 8.5" drop which oh gosh how I am wishing it would be longer!! Yes, I can shoulder carry it but if I load the tote up, it can get uncomfortable because it's too near to the armpit and make my arm stuck out like Arnold Schwarzenegger.  And speaking of him, I don't think he can fit his arm to shoulder carry this either.. not that he will anyways.. LOL
Just for size comparison, I'm 5ft 3inches tall..


  1. Gorgeous bag, kalau expand the buckle pun cannot fit under your arm pit ker?

  2. Thanks dude..
    nope, I can't..
    because the strap buckles are merely just decoration.. they're fix like that.. yeah, bummer.. I know..

  3. I always love your pictures of that bag. It really is pretty and look great on you! :D

  4. hi babe,

    that bag is sooooo gorgeous, including the model :)
    but never seen that design before.. but it do looks stunning with u. hehe.

    ai mmg coach crazy :))

  5. awwww cz22.. u're always the sweetest!!
    it's u who made it happen! *wink*
    thanks dear!

  6. thanks s.u.f.a.e...
    this was the special release for spring summer 2006 limited edition..
    i doubt that u would knew about it unless if u're a die hard fan of coach at that time..even the SA's at coach local boutique don't know about this design.

  7. oh i remember this one it is absolutely gorgeous..
    i really wish they'd make bags like this this year too! coach has a lot of pastel colours out and they're far tooo easy to dirty :p

    I droool looking at them ;)


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