Wednesday, April 07, 2010


They're officially together!!
Oh gosh! FINALLY!!!
Seriously, it's been like forever!
This is the most awaited moment for all Bartowski fan!
(call me cheesy! I don't care! hahaha)
Hip Hip Hoorayyy!!

p/s: incase you're clueless, click here!


  1. Let me state for the record that I hated the Shaw character and I felt like the season until now was grueling to watch and definitely not as amazing as the first season. That said, I was so happy at the end of the episode when Chuck and Sara are finally together happily. (I am also not happy with how they handled Hannah earlier this season.) But now there is almost a month break before the next episode (this was the original season finale, but they were given a contract for more episodes) and I cannot wait for the show to come back! Morgan as a spy?! Anna coming back! And, my favorite, More Scott Bakula!!!!

  2. **gasp**
    ANNA's coming back?
    More Scott bakula??

    oh, by the way, did u get it when Casey said to Chuck to contact "Kolonel Sanders" ? damnnn, i couldn't get the joke and hubby was laughing his a$$ at me! hahaha!
    not my fault, they talked soo fast sometimes!

  3. HAHA, I so got it. But the Colonel is big down here, and Kentucky fried chicken was the basis of the last South Park episode.

    You don't get to see previews of what's coming next on Chuck? I never watched online, so I didn't know that it doesn't include previews. I was mad they got rid of Anna so quick - she wasn't in this season at all and they made a sad excuse. I really liked her with Morgan. And of course I love Scott Bakula being awesome smart guy,,, he only gets sexier with age. ;)

  4. no! we don't have chuck latest season here.. i have to watch it online.. so, no preview on the upcoming episode..

    i love shaw, due to the steamy eyes.. aaawwwwhhhhh.. but my hubby is like u, hated him! hahaha


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