Saturday, April 03, 2010

Red, is my new obsession

She's here!
My Coach Large Leather Chilli Carly, style # 10616
And that makes three of them, plus the White and Black leather Carly that are currently in my collection!
As you know Carly is my all time favourite Coach design, and since I'm always searching for the perfect shade of red bag, this Chilli Red was indeed a dream come true for me!

Although, these two have also crossed my mind before.. gosh.. these bag-addiction sometimes give me headaches! *wink*
Louis Vuitton Pomme Alma MM

Louis Vuitton Pomme Roxbury Drive

and this newly released Louis Vuitton Pomme Brea PM
ohhhh and not forgetting this one for the rocker-bicker-chic look!
Balenciaga City Red Theatre
(pics googled from the net)

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  1. Wow!! Gorgeous !! Love it.Erkhhh! Can't afford to call dibs maaa. Sob!Sob!


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