Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lolli ? Lolli ? Lolli ? POP !

Have you ever had those days when you actually felt lazy and lost?Hmm.. that sounds like me most of the mornings..
but.. anywayyyyy, I just want to share with you this particular song that pulls me to its rhythm and just makes me feel happy!

Oh, and believe me, the music video is simply FUN-tastic ! (and colour-blast too!)

This is a Korean Song, made as an advertisement to promote the mobile phone model Lollipop by LG Cyon. Yes, believe it!
Mobile phone! haha
Thanks to the two Korean bands who made this fabulous work, 2NE1 (girl group) and Big Bang (boy band).
Click this link for the full lyrics and translations, but just for the fun of it, here's my favourite chorus part that I love to sing along with!

Lolli lolli lollipop dalgomhage dagawa
Lolli lolli lollipop naege soksakyeojwo
Lolli lolli lollipop sanggeumhage dagawa
Lolli lolli lollipop jigeum wonhajanha

Lolli lolli lollipop Girl neon naui lollipop
Lolli lolli lollipop oh lolli pop pop

(lyrics googled from the net, clip from youtube)

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