Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Almost lost it

I'm having a hard time this week.
Yeah, too many things to get done at work.
System migration date is just around the corner.
Project pending at testing phase.
Lousy vendor.

But the things that bothers me the most is that Wimbledon Championships starts the same time as FIFA!!
It's super hard to focus on one football match without flipping the channel to watch the tennis on the gorgeous grass court!

Just to update that my boyfriend Roger Federer almost, I repeat, almost lost his 1st round match to Alajandro Falla from Columbia.
If you're not following Wimbledon, or tennis so to speak, never fear, because as usual, I am here!
Take note that :
  • Roger Federer is the current Wimbledon defending champion. (and has won it six-times) 
  • This match was the opening match of this year's Wimbledon Championship.
  • Roger is the World No.1, while Alajandro is rank No. 65.
So, now you know why my mom and I were clinging to our seat, praying for Federer to get his groove back..

..because he lost the first set 5-7..

..and lost again in the second set 4-6..

..but managed to win the third set 6-4...

..then, was in near disaster to win the forth set with tie-break 7-6..

and finally, slammed down his opponent flat to the ground, with the final set 6-0 !!

Phewwww.. that was a close call..

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  1. I tak retila nak comment pasal sports, coz the whole family tak watch sports, main suka, tapi mcm tidak berapa nak cheering. =)

    U take care babe..hopefully next week things will get better.


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