Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fresh from the sea

Not just one..

..but a whole bucket full of crabs!
7 kg in total, to be exact!


cz22 said...

Are your local crabs tasty?

jelita78 said...

it's sooooo fresh that u can grilled it just like that and get to taste the sweetness of the crab meat without adding anything to it!
too bad hubby and the kids can't enjoy it because they are allergic to crab!
i got to eat them all to myself!

Nana said...

OoOO sedapnye! I dah lama tak makan ketam :( Hope you dont mind .. I letak you dalam my blog list ;D

jEM said...

mmmmm...bestnye..i am a 'ketam' lover also!!!

jelita78 said...

oh sedappppppppp jEM..
sehingga menjilat jari..
but i have to tell u, it's the longest period of eating time ever!
to remove the skin etc.. took such a long timeeee..
but so worth it!

jelita78 said...

hi NANA !!
thanks for adding me up!
i've added u in as well!
great to meet you too!!


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