Monday, July 05, 2010

Wanna see my SEXY kicks ?

Oh yeah baby..
I can do a super sexy kicks too.
Like Angelina Jolie in Wanted.
Like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill.
Like Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy.

Presenting, my 4.5 inch Coach Mallorie Wedges Platform in Pewter.

Definitely will knock them dogs out !

Check out the engraved detailing.
Absolutely beautiful.


  1. you! I tak boleh pakai wedges la u..i think nak jual je my gucci wedges...sebab terlampau tinggi and aeka kata nampak ganas. huhuhu

  2. FUYOO!!! nice catch jelita, mesti trus super duper tinggi ya. i pulak in luv wit the new arrival wedges @ massimo dutti. to grab or not to grab ;)

  3. cool babe!!

    like the colour!

  4. irene!!
    sama laa kite..
    i just put it up for sale..
    sakit kaki laa..
    dah 3 kali percubaan untuk pakai, tapi tak tahan!
    the heels too high for me.. curving my sole, sakit mak aiii..
    beauty over purpose, definitely not for me!

  5. snowiffy! oh i am waiting for your reveal on that massimo dutti !!

  6. thanks jEM!
    mesti match with your sukey gucci grey.. ehh.. opss.. did u get that one? but then again, also matches with your new coach flat! oh that must be soo comfy..


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