Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Yup, I've been hypnotised too.. Eclipse !
We're catching the midnight premier !


  1. hai,
    suka tengok sling bag to share the price?
    sorry coz quite late for me to commented on this entry.. :)

    have a nice day...

  2. hi noorul !!
    thanks for reading my blog!
    well, that's the LV Damier Eva, if you must know..
    simply visit the LV boutique for more info.
    Yeah, it is kinda cute.. small to be exact.. you can only fit in wallet, phone lipstick, tissue pack and keys.. not much..

    It has two straps, one for shoulder carry and a longer removable one for crossbody sling.. perfect for function
    yet very convenient for movie-night-out!


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