Friday, August 13, 2010

Almostttt !!!

Progress on Amin's attempt to fast:
Day 1 (Wed) - break fast at 3pm
Day 2 (Thur) - break fast at 3.30pm
Day 3 (Fri) - seduced by the banana at 5.30pm !!


  1. tabik spring kat Amin! wow the spirit yang kita dotter selamat till half day least dia bangun sahur and knows the concept of sahur, puasa, perkara membatalkan..

  2. thanks jEM !!
    i know! i'm so proud of him..
    it was an almost full day yesterday.. darnnn the banana..
    i'm gonna hide all the food till marghrib time today.. hope he gets a full day today.. and hope that the adik will not tempt him pulak laaa !!

  3. Bagus Amin, kecik2 lagi dah praktis...consistent yer pose setiap hari

  4. hi Nurman..
    yup.. i'm training him from now.. which i think a little too late coz some of my friends have started training their kids since last year, at 5yr old, i mean..
    anyway, it's progressing, surely, but slowwllyyy..


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