Sunday, August 22, 2010

Amin's favourite place on earth

Until this very day, his favourite spot is the Petrosains at KLCC.

Our first visit was last March, and he has been pestering about it ever since, especially when we're window shopping at KLCC, like today.
Hmm..  It's not that we don't want to bring him there anymore, but we need to start off early in the morning if we want to cover the whole place.
No, the place is not as huge as the Planetarium, or the National Zoo, but there's soooooo many things to do here and we hate to have to rush through them all, like during our previous visit, as it closes early, at 5.30pm.

At every corner, at every turn, at every wall, there's an exhibit to see, read, hear, touch and play!
And when I say play, I really mean it.
Check out this kids-size-digger!

It's definitely any Bob-the-Builder fans dream come true.
Absolutely super fun to play with, that even hubby was tempted to try !
Yes, I have pics to proof !

If you think Petrosains is all about science and gadget, well, you're wrong.
Coz there's the Dinosour world in displays too.

And of course, the Malaysian-latest hype, Astronauts !
Check out Amin's face inside the space suit.

I have to congratulate Petrosains for they really understand the kids needs to learn and play.
Not only the exhibits are kids friendly, they even have a dedicated playing area, a plain old indoor corner where kids can take off their shoes, run around playing blocks and slides and tumble up and down the cushioned sofas.

Makes me wanna be a kid again.. sigh..


  1. hey beb.

    nice meeting u today, although for few secs only. thanks for the cookies order. balik rumah kena sembunyi from d cookie monsters, kalau tak, tak sempat lah nak beraya cookie2 tu..

    nways, thanks again...

  2. hiyeeee!!
    thanks so much!
    it's nice to meet you too.. maybe after ramadhan we can go for lunch together! muahsss


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