Monday, August 09, 2010

Lets do lunch, while we still can

In the event of counting down to Ramadhan in a few more days, we decided that it's a must to go out for lunch today, while we still can.
So, the initial destination was Kokopelli at section 14, but unfortunately it was closed, so, there goes my review on it.  Hence, we headed out to Amcorp Mall for a traditional lunch menu at Sri Melaka.
The place was a complete full, as expected since we arrived there at 1.35pm.
But kudos to the restaurant for the speedy serving.
It's amazing that they're able to cook our spicy fried prawns, kailan with garlic, and the fried bean curd soup (I can't remember the exact name)
The dishes were absolutely delicious that we decided to forgive the restaurant for the delay in serving the drinks.
Special pose from Zie and QZ.

Happy Ramadhan, everybody !!

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