Friday, September 03, 2010

Amin's must have

Proud to announce that my baby big boy, who's 5yrs and 10months old (not even 6 years old yet) has been fasting since day 5 of Ramadhan !
There were hiccups in the beginning and several loop holes in between, of course, no doubt..
But in total, out of 24 days of Ramadhan (today), he managed to fasts for 16 days already !
Only skipped 8 days !
And that my friend, is an impressive achievement in MY book !

Wanna know the secret?
The delicious choc-milk-cream-shake !

We have been making this for every breaking-fast and sahur !
Yes, believe  it !
This is Amin's must haves.
Sort of like an appetizers, also known as pembuka selera.
All we need is Hershey's chocolate syrup, fresh milk and whipped cream.

Mix the fresh milk with generous drops of hershey's chocolate syrup into a bottle and shake them up.
Then, pour it about 3/4 into the cup.

Splurged the whipped cream till overflowing the cup.

And don't forget the candy sprinkles on top..
Wallaaaahhhh.. DONE !
Slurrrpppppp !!

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