Monday, October 11, 2010

Emotionally Happy

It's mom's 59th birthday today !

And let me tell ya, it was one very emotional too.
Mom got upset that we didn't wish her Happy Birthday!
Reason being is that both my sister and I were flat out last night.
I have been sneezing badly and took the meds at night and was knocked out before 11pm.
My sister on the other hand was having her period cramps and was fast asleep by 9.30pm after taking the pain-killer.
As morning arrived, being the usual Mondays, it was a busy day indeed for me and my sister had classes too from morning till evening.
Okay, so, it was really our fault that we have forgotten to wish her Happy Birthday as early as that morning.
But that doesn't mean that we completely forgotten about it.
My sister and I have it all planned out since Saturday.
We have decided to take mom to dinner at this Thai Restaurant.
Located at Uptown Petaling Jaya district.
It's a quiet place and only the know, will know.. if you know what I mean.. hehehe..
There's really no banner or obvious advertisement in displays.
But it is indeed a very famous place among the people who works in Uptown area.
The place is called "Phai Lin Thai Cuisine"
And to top it all up, we even made a special cake for mom, all ready on Sunday, and nicely hidden in the freezer, even dad himself couldn't find the cake !
Presenting, my sister's latest invention, Manggo Cheesecake !!
And mark my word when I say that it is flooded with MANGGO !!
Happy Birthday Mom !!
Please forgive us for the late wishes !!

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