Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Perfect date?

Sorry for the late entry, but just for the record, what was your 10th of October 2010 like?
Apart from the numerous wedding invites..
And also the post-eid-ul-fitr celebrations (yeah, we're still very much not stopping yet)..
Our weekend dated 10.10.10 was solely focused on Cartoon Network !!
Yeah, you heard it right.
It has been advertised since like forever!
And Amin has been counting the days for this.
It's completely a full day of Ben 10 series back-to-back from the break of dawn, straight to the midnight hour !
Yeah, so we just hang around watching TV.. big deal, huh?
I thought Amin has grown out of Ben 10 already, but I guess kids will always be kids.
Here's a picture of him, 2 years ago, celebrating his birthday with Ben 10 cake.
And check out the Omnitrix.
Pretty cool huh?
Oh, I surely am gonna miss these days.
He grows up so quickly... makes me feel sad inside..
I wish I could freeze the time and just enjoy the moments.
Only pics can keep the memories alive.


  1. 10.10.10 ... i was busy delivering babies...hihi and got myself a self rewarding thingy:-) a day to remember huh :-)

    yup kids...growing up so fast...without us realising it!my second pun dah nak msk standard one next year....sob sob

  2. aws .. zafier pun sama gaks! hantu ben 10! isk! kalau dia nampak cake tu ..haish susah I dibuatnye nanti hehe!

  3. ohh gosh jem..
    baper ramai babies lahir tarikh tu?
    ada letak nama ben? jgn bin laden, sudahhhhhh.. haha...

  4. kejap je tu nana..
    only that year je dia nak ben10 cake, the following year was the transformers 2- skids & mudflap..

    this year, well, he actually mintak garfield punya lasagne! serious!
    just wait and see laaa mana i nak cari 30th november nnt bday dia!


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