Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lets Apparate !

And that means teleportation, in magical terms.

Based on the seventh and final JK Rowling's Harry Potter novels, this movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has definitely lived up to all expectations.
Nope, I don't read the novels.
I am just a sucker for the movies!

It stars Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, alongside Rupert Grint and Emma Watson as Harry's best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

This movie is full of suspense compared to the rest because in here, the Lord Voldemort and gang has taken over the ministry of magic and the main quest is to destroy Harry.  
Hence, Harry has to be in hideout and always on the run.

The three friends apparate to tons of places to hide themselves.
And it gets very difficult for them to figure out how to defeat the Dark Lord as their main guide, Dumbledore, died in last instalment movie. 
Plus, they now no longer have any protection from the other good-guys team because at one point, their hide out has been compromised and they had to split up apparate to save themselves.

The quest gets more thrilling when almost all the people they've gone to seek for help either has switched side, or has just been killed.
Trust no one, is definitely the most suitable tag line, after lets apperate, of course!
I find myself to constantly slapping hubby's hand to tell him to quikly run, teleport from there!

Take note, not advisable to bring kids to this movie because there are several scary scenes, such as the snake eating people and snake attacking Harry, and the Death Eaters scene. 
Although the movie plot sounds serious (and yes, I do take it seriously!), the movie has plenty of first class sense of humour! 
Seriously, no stupid jokes, they're really funny! 

To all Harry Potter fans, this is THE BEST instalment ever!
Well, to be honest, I thought of that after watching each instalment movie series anyways.. LOL 
Can't wait for the Part 2 next year !!

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  1. I was kind of sad.. I missed the scenes where the kids were at school and did all the marvelous fun things. The movie seemed so dark :( I wanted it to be more Christmas-y...sigh..

  2. yeah..
    i miss that one too.. i guess it gets serious as they grow up..
    oh i'm sure gonna miss harry potter..

  3. ahhh bila dah habis tengok all the movies boleh lah baca buku dia laks! This final movie was the best! they stayed true to the book this time .. unlike the ones before this. Guess its mainly because they did it in two parts!! CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT INSTALLMENT!!!

  4. setuju! setuju!
    mmg best!!
    i takyah baca buku, i dok lepak ngn my sis in laws, dalam masa 30 minit, dia bercerita kat i dari mula sampai habis! khatam satu buku! hehehe..

    serious laa nana, i malas sungguh nak start reading books sbb mesti tak dapat habis nyer laa.. and then lamaaaaa lepas tu baru sambung balik.. dah hilang feel terus.. hehe


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