Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another "Poor Gingy" post

It's like dejavu.
I just read it on Irene's blog and the next thing I heard was Amin asking his dad if the gingerbread-man really edible.
As far as I can recall, we weren't watching any of the Shrek films at that time.
Hence it really baffled me to see this coming.
Maybe it's the current in thing for the kids these days, who knew!
So hubby brought home these two gingerbread-cookie.
Not as huge and colourful as Irene's but it'll do just fine, thank you.

Oh, the one's on the very left is actually a plush toy which of course, NOT edible - but just to note that Amin almost took a bite out of it.. LOL!

Took Irene's tip and served it to dip with fresh milk.

The result, none of my kids liked it!
They took one bite, made a face and off to the living room sofa.
As for me, I love it !!
I really like the taste of ginger cinnamon dipped in fresh milk. Yummyy!
Hun, next time, do not hesitate to bring home the whole gingerbread-house for me, ok.. Hehe

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