Thursday, October 06, 2011

What's your Kryptonite

Defined in Wikipedia, Kryptonite is a material from the Superman mythos —the ore form of a radioactive element from Superman's home planet of Krypton. It is famous for being the ultimate physical weakness of Superman.

So, what is it that makes u weak/ dizzy/ lost sense of direction, as soon as it's near you, but regain all your powers a.k.a back to normal, as soon as it is gone?

Example, according to my friend Gya, her Kryptonite is the car's leather upholstery.
Whenever she steps inside my car, or QZ's car, which has the full leather interior, she will instantly feel dizzy and be very quiet as to restrain her self from the nauseous feeling.
Yup, worse than a pregnant woman, I'm telling ya!
And she gets all perked up like normal as soon she steps out of the car.
Cured completely, no prolong side effect.

So then it struck me that hey, I too have a Kryptonite.
It's the minyak cap kapak!
Oh my god!
I know that this is the Malaysian most favourite oil said to sooth the stomach aches, cold, and nausea.
But to me, I can seriously get a migraine if I am left to inhale this for 60 seconds!

And oh, I know darn well what's hubby's Kryptonite is then.
Definitely the Durian.
He would spot the odour a few blocks away and will have trouble sleeping with this Durian smell lingers in the house.

And believe me when I say that he could vomit when accidentally ate a Durian flavoured candy!
Yes, that's my hubby's Kryptonite.

So, what's yours?

(pics googled from the net)


  1. my kryptonite is Justin Bieber! The momment I heard his song in the radio I'll be fainted! Serious I tell you ok ;p

  2. high five your hubby!

  3. haha! bengong ko aida :)

  4. farah, bieber ni actually u're loving it, or loathing it? hehe..
    jgn ko pengsan tgh driving sudah laaaa

  5. qistina - dia mmg bley jadik presiden kelab anti-durian

  6. eleh gya..
    malu plak nak ngaku

  7. itu bukan kerana aku ko ada entry to write kan...kryptonite lak tu...pas tu semua org berpk ape lak kryptonite diorang wakakaka ;p ni kira entry yg 'menguji minda'


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