Monday, December 06, 2010

Buzy Sunday

First we have a sick baby - took him to the clinic and wallaaa, it's tonsil alright..
Then the doc said that Arif looks dehydrated which that relates to his bear-water-bottle that has been misplaced somewhere and he's not so much of a drinker without that bottle.
So, being very worried, we rushed to the nearest Toys'R'us, which turns out there was a deadlock traffic jam due to some riot or whatever causing the police to block the road.
Our supposedly an-hour-dash-back-and-forth plan turned to a whole 3 hours.
Afterwards hubby had to drop by at his mom's house to check on the plants, cats etc coz mil and sil are out on vacation to Dubai.
Next he went to the office to pack his desk up, the legos and all..
Yeah, too bad I didn't snap some pics of his desk decor before this. 
It would have been very memorable.
He has 4 interviews, 2 done, and 2 more lined up next week.
It's actually the opposite this time.
Not they selecting him, but he'll be the one to pick which place to go because it is obvious, everybody wants him.
Hubby don't talk much about it, but I can sense he is upset.
I mean, all this time, as much as he knows he is underpaid, and hated the bosses, the point is, he loves his job.
It is his passion to troubleshoot and configure firewalls, testing out new software releases, stay up after office hours just to test out the networks protocols without affecting others at work.
This is him.  He is a workaholic and he loves it.
So when the drop-off news came in, as much as he was expecting it, it should have come properly, officially.
The big boss should have lay it out flat, and not hiding behind the closed door and pretend it's a no big deal.
They know that he is an asset, but I guess they just felt threaten by his outspoken attitude.
As the Malay saying goes; "Who eat the chilly, he'll taste the hotness"
That means; "Who did the wrong, he shall feel the guilt"..
But in this case, I believe the big boss is just super embarrassed.

I never blogged about hubby before, this is the first.
And I know he doesn't even read my blog either.
But this is just something that I choose to do.

(pic googled from the net)

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