Friday, December 10, 2010

Icy Mall

This is by far the most beautiful centre court design I have ever seen!

Cracked-uneven-stoned path gives the perfect English country look to 1utama.

The red flowers look spectacular with white snowy background concept.

The main décor is an ice skating ring in the centre, surrounded by shop houses, which here we have the Memory Lane, Famous Amos, Loccitane, and Cold Storage selling frozen meat, ice cream and crackers.
Oh wait, no, that is NOT a real ice skating ring.
It's just tiles.
Yup, it does look real though.. hehe..

There's a bridge right in the centre linking both sides, perfect for picture posing especially with the trees and flowers around it!

Definitely flower overload, as even the top part of the stall is filled with red flowers too.

There's only one shop house that has a real second floor, whereby you can climb up the stairs and peek inside. Wow, they must have made the base for this one much stronger than the rest.

Check out the cute windows décor, and also the back of the lot! Looks sooo real !

Let me know which mall do you think has the best centre court design ever.
It'll be great to take the kids out this weekend!

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