Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Venturing to Marakesh

Once again, my parents are off jetting to another part of the world.
This time they're going on Spain-Morocco-Egypt trip.
With my lucky sister tagging along.

As usual, we (me, hubby, kiddos), happily sending them off at KLIA.

I'm telling you hunn (despite that I know you don't read my blog), I've sacrificed a lot this year.
First, the Umrah trip.
Next, the India-Delhi-Kashmir trip.
Then, mama's Dubai-Abu Dhabi trip.
Now, this Spain-Morocco-Egypt trip.
Better make sure next year WE actually go someplace, ok!
I need something to cheer me up..
Can a handbag mend the broken heart?


  1. Ala siannya, one day you will go travel...bag definitely mend your broken heart

  2. bestnya mak ayah akak jalan2.. heheh.. next yr akak minta la cuti awal2 :)

  3. nurman, tu laa pasal..
    i need a bag.. immediately!
    dah upset sgt ni!

  4. iqwa, cuti is not a problem for me.. insyaAllah boley nye cuti..
    my darling ni yg ntah apesal, semua taknak pegi.. and knowing me, i will not go on vaca without MY family.

  5. Takpe go next year....still can plan one year ahead.....i know how it feels bila kena tinggal....


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