Saturday, January 22, 2011

At School on Saturday

At this moment, you must be relaxing at home with family or out watching movies or window shopping or sleeping perhaps.
But not me.
We're at Amin's school for the briefing on the government newly introduced curriculum module for the primary school.

So this is our first ever parents-teacher meet up in discussion about the children education standard.
Coincidentally, Amin is up in his classroom because school is as normal today in replacement of the upcoming Chinese New Year week long holiday.

Anyway, just to highlight, the latest revision on education concept was done by the gov in year 2003, which in short, was to include coverage in human communication, positive development and human relation to nature and spiritual.

This newly introduced concept is to include three more major module which are personality growth, physical and intellectual development, and on top of it all is the science & technology involvement.

The main point of the day is that the marking scheme for the main primary school examination, the UPSR will be based on 60% - 40% segregation whereby the 60% is the official-on-paper-examination marks, and the other 40% is to come from on-school-activities.
Yup, no more the traditional 100% test-paper-based-results.

Interesting enough that the teacher said that they're gonna include the science and technology learning on top of all subjects.
Looking forward to see that done.
But for now, me looking at boring Arif and sleeping hubby! LOL

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