Friday, January 14, 2011

First day blues

Today marks the 2-weeks of Amin in Standard One.
And there's practically no words to describe how relieved I am that he's adapting well in school.

Because something happened to Amin on his first day in Standard One.
This is one of those unforgettable incidents.
Before the school ended, I was already standing behind his classroom back door waiting for him.
It was about 6.40pm and I was busy on the iPhone trying to blog using blogpress.
It was roughly about 2 minutes to 6.30pm and I heard the teacher said "OK Class. Pack your things, stand up, push the chair in under the table".
Then I heard the rumbling sounds of the children standing and furniture banging each other and same thing happened to the class next door too.
All of a sudden the ambiance was very noisy with the newbies excited to go home after their first day experience.
But, there he was, my son, still sitting down at his place, and colouring the paperwork given by the teacher.

The school bell rang.
The students yelled on top of their lungs, simultaneously "Thank you, Teacher!"
Teacher told them to line up and walk out of the classroom in lines so that they don't step on each other.
And still my son continued doing his work.
And the teacher left the room.

I stopped her as she walk passed me.
And I asked "Why is Amin still in there?"
She said " I already told everybody to pack up.  I didn't want to force him to stop as this is his first day, and he said he haven't finished it."
And then she just left.
Me? I was in complete shock, of course!
What if I'm not there waiting for him?
How long will he stayed in there?
All alone?
It's already 6.30pm and it's getting dark!

Which in this case, no, he did not see me waiting for him there because I was leaning behind the back door facing out and Amin was sitting at the very front of the room.
So I rushed inside with my eyes wide and scared;
Me : Amin, what are you doing?
Amin : I have to finish this colouring.
Me : Why? Everybody already left for home.  Didn't teacher said to pack your things, just now?
Amin : But teacher didn't said that to me.

Arrrgghhhhhh !!

He was expecting the teacher to said directly to him that he can stop doing things, he can pack it up, and finish it later at home.
He wasn't questioning the fact that other kids also did not finish their work, yet, had gone home on time.
Oh God..
I then told him that when teacher said "OK Class" it means to everybody, including him, and especially him too!!
And now you know why I actually took almost two weeks leave from work, just to go back and forth to the school for the first seven days, to check on my son!

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  1. oh dear...i just took 3 days leave..Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly! first and second day je i tunggu..third day i was at school but without him knowing...and he's lucky to have kakak in the same school! anyway I am glad that at Amsyar's school..all standard one teacher showed and followed them to the place where they're supposed to wait for their parents and transports for the first week!


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