Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Only the Fish that matters

This whole week, I'm dedicating my afternoon post for my officemates as I owed them tons and tons of luncheon pictures.  Sorry gurls for the delay but, heck, better late than never, aye?

Date : 10th October 2010 (try to ignore this will ya.. hehe)
Location : Tangling Food Court, near the KL Bird Park - Bukit Aman Police HQ.
Famously known as Tangling Ikan Bakar, this is the ultimate place to go if you're seeking for the best grilled fish in town.
It's an open space food court sitting - well, logically it has to be opened space due to the grilling smokes.
Do take note that it's rather hot eating here - terms applied to both the location and the sambals for the fish/ seafood.
Also only come here if you are willing to end up smelling like smoke afterwards, coz like it or not, the smell sticks to you like glue.
And when 10 gorgeous-properly-dressed-to-work-ladies actually came here to lunch, taking the risk of getting our faces oily and our clothes stuck with smokes-smell, you darn well should believe that it was worth it !
The rest of the pictures are kinda messy - again, terms applied to both the feast we're having and ourselves.. LOL.
So, I'm gonna just collage them pics, to make it look good, ok.. hehe..
Hmm.. editing all this pictures sure makes me longing for that grilled stingray with sambal asam..
So, ladies, when is our next trip?

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