Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I suckkkkk at doing business!

I've been busy with work for the past week.
And at the same time, kinda annoyed with the internet world.
This thing has been bugging me.
And getting on my nerves to be exact.
How the hell am I to ever become a successful business-woman, if I'm not even happy with my own business?

No, don't get me wrong.
I don't have any type of business to be exact, yet.
It's just me selling off MY own pre-loved stuffs online.
But the question is, I am not happy with the sales!
I've lowered down the price.
I've given discounts.
But these people keep asking for lower price and sent me emails describing their interest, bla bla bla.. and pushing for a few bucks less, then a hundred more lesser, and then bam - in installments???
Ohhh come on!

I dare to say, I stand by every single thing that I have sold (and am selling).
I'm not selling any low-down-abused stuffs here.
I'm talking fabulous, hardly used, looks like a brand new deal!
I hate being nasty.
I mean, no, I am not nasty.
I'm soft hearted person and I will respond to every email with kindness and respect.
But I have limits.
So when I say price has been lowered, then that is final.
It's my stuffs, I can sell it anyway I want to.
And no, I am not desperate for money, so, I will not go that low to sell.
Coz if I want money that bad, I'd take my stuff to uptown and sell it there straight away for immediate cash!
Why would I bother with such emotional hassle dealing online with uncertain people?
I know that customers always right, but, if the price bugs you so much, hey, go find something else that's within your range ok!

Sorry everybody for the ramblings.
I just need to get it out of my system.
And hope you out there doing business might be able to share me some tips to handle this matter in a professional way.

Funny that I only get this "attitude" from Malaysian.. huh..

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  1. betul betull.. kdg2 depe minta kurang yg gile2... unreasonable price .. hehe
    jenuh nk layan


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