Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Have you seen this soldier?

(pics from purseblog)


IreneYaya said...

yes, I've sold one before.

jelita78 said...

Aku dah agakkkkk dah aku terlepas ni ngn ko lagik!!
Beb, your post on 29march 2010 tu bday aku.. Agaknya 29march 2011 bley muncul lagi dak? Hehehe

Anonymous said...

the color is one in a million.. *bakarrrrr...

jelita78 said...

Tidakkk!!! Jangan bakar !!!

JeM said...

mmg kaler soldier habih!!

apa lagi....pergila rembat!!

jelita78 said...

huwaaa!! jem!!
masalahnya, beg tu dah takde!!
huwaaaaaaaa!!! sedeynyerrrrr

cz22 said...

You now have me looking at these styles. They are very pretty (though I do prefer the purple colors) but there's no way I'm affording one soon with my wedding coming up. I am banned from big purchases.

jelita78 said...

ohhhh the purple is gorgeous!!
the colour is prugna - dark purplish.. u missed it a few weeks ago on ebay.
no worries hun, i'll make sure matt take note of this for your future anniversaries prezies! *wink*


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