Friday, March 25, 2011

Bye bye toothy

This post is to mark a very memorable event.
I took Amin to the dentist this morning, to pull his loose front baby teeth.
He was such a braze boy.
I tried to distract him from the fact by bringing the iPad along, and talking about games etc while waiting for our turn.

When it's time for us to go inside the room, I told him the dentist will just have a look at it.
I didn't catch the dentist's name but she was not wearing any mask, has a beautiful smile and very chatty with everybody, making the kids and parents too, felt comfortable with her.
She started with the normal tooth inspection and praised Amin for taking care of his teeth.
She asked about school, friends, and stuffs.
And while talking, she dabbed with the soft cotton, the strawberry flavoured antiseptic or whatever the powder was, onto his front teeth, hold a dental pliers with another hand, and as fast as lighting, she pulled the teeth off!!
My heart stopped beating at the sight of her hand clasping the dental pliers.
Thank god Amin didn't see it because he was lying on the chair facing up, or else he might be running off!
Heck, I would do to!
But then, it was a relieved for me to see that she didn't have to yanked the teeth at all because it was already very loose.
She merely even made an effort to pull it out, either.
And Amin only let out a tiny shrieked the moment she gripped the teeth with the pliers, and walla!
Kudos to the public clinic for being so efficient and having very friendly dentist and staffs.


  1. Haa dah rongak Amin dah...teringat masa kecik dulu abah cabut pakai pliers dia guna untuk baiki alat electronic...very style askar

  2. eeeee..
    seriously, now i takleh tgk pliers ni at home.
    sebab seriau semacam!!


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