Thursday, March 31, 2011

He is 3, and I am 33

What a coincidence!
Yup, I know.
Look at the perfect numbers.
You will never get this combination, ever again!

The Date : 27th March 2011
The Event : Arif's and Mommy's Birthday Celebration
Venue : Home sweet home

Arif was born a day before my birthday, on 28th March 2008
He was my birthday present.
And yes, I did celebrated with a birthday cake whilst in the hospital ward on the very next day of the delivery!

I am truly grateful, but at the same time I am very sensitive with this issue of him stealing my limelight.
Ever since I was little, my dad pampered me like a princess and my birthdays were always been a blast.

Birthdays have been a very important event in my family.
They were never left out.
Never forgotten.
And that's why each person deserves his/ her own cake, although the celebration is combined.
Thanks to Mak Ngah (my sister in law) for Arif's  enormous Chuggington chocolate cake. 

And thanks to Chu Jah (my fabulous little sister) for my Alexis Pavlova cake!

Hey, don't judge the book by its cover.
This is Alexis's that we're dealing with.
Expected to crack, but hell yeah, the taste was nothing less than marvellous!!

Our main dish was the curry mee, with barbecued chicken, lamb and sausages.

Thanks to Zack, my sister's boyfriend, for being our bbq chef.
He surely scored tons of brownie points that day, for the perfectly cooked meat.

Thanks to my crazy sister in laws for the always fun havoc!

Million thanks to my mom, dad and hubby for making this weekend as planned.
Thanks to my aunts/ uncles and relatives for the wonderful presents.
Thank you sooo much for coming because your presence were the best gifts ever!


  1. Meriahnyer...its look like you are really having fun there..Happy Birthday sekali lagi

  2. the chuggington choc and pavloca cake looks yummeh!!!...happy birthday to the mommy and arif too..

  3. Demmmm the pavlova looks yummy!


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