Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to fold those fitted sheets ??!!

Folding made easy, wohoooooo !!!
I never knew this method ever existed !!
Thanks Shakey for sharing this link with all of us at the office.

(pics googled from the net, clip from youtube)


nqr-qistina-qist said...

thanks!!!!!! hahahaha... kat rumah i tuh besor2 i lipat! LOL

jelita78 said...

i know!!
so do i!
now not anymore!
senang je i tunjuk skill depan my mom tadi.. huhu.. kemas, cantik, nipis je lipatan cadar!

Zara said...

like it very much...tqvm for sharing this :D

jelita78 said...

zara, i pon baru tau gak..
kalu officemate tak share this, sampai sekarang i lipat cadar semak semacam je.. hehe


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