Sunday, March 20, 2011

What big lollipop you have there?

The better to eat you with, my dear!
This is the very first time we bought such huge lollipop.
So, that's the reason for Arif extra-sweet poses.
We bought this at the airport, last 22nd January, while we went to pick mil and sil from their first vacation trip this year, which was to Saigon, Vietnam.
Truth be told, this lollipop is not actually as large as it seems.
It's just a casing.
And there are exactly 15 normal sized lollipops in there.
So, please refrain from buying this, the next time you see it.
This shall be a reminder especially to my dear hubby, because he was the one that got so excited seeing this lollipop at the candy store.
Oh well, at least, the kids had fun playing with it for a while.. LOL.


Nurman said...

terkejut beruk..tgk saiz dia..rupanya casing je ek

jelita78 said...

haha.. yeah..
memang tipah tertipu laa sangat..

nqr said...

whoaaa...bagi auntie rasa sikit....

jelita78 said...

sama jekk rasanya auntie dear!
sbb still the normal lollipop gak! hahaha


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