Saturday, April 16, 2011

Larger than life, he's MY dad !

I feel like blogging about my dad this time.
Maybe because he never fails to amaze me, as I watched him dissembling and assembling the Toyota Land Cruiser.

As I grow older, I can't deny the fact that I have forgotten about the times I spent with my dad.
I do recall that he was a workaholic and spent day and night working.
Unlike my mother, I hardly saw him at night because he used to come home late from work and I would have been asleep by that time.
But I did see him the next morning because he was the one driving me to school.
And that was when we chattered, updated him about my school happenings, or I just kept quiet and calmly listened to him humming/ singing some English songs which I have no idea what they were at that time.

Yup, those were our moments.

And, that was then.
Now, he has retired and it's fun seeing him around the house, doing amazing things.
He has always been the handy-type.
Just this time, he has really gone overboard, I must say.

The project was : Sound proofing the Land Cruiser.
Yup.. you heard that right.. sound proofing..
It's like sound proofing a room, but in this case, it's to the car.

First thing to do is to remove all the seats, front and back.
A-hah, I didn't know that this was ever possible..

Easy, all you have to do is unscrew the screw.
And then remove all the carpets, just take it off.

Nothing is holding them down, really.
So here's the pile of seats and carpets.
Then, layered the sound-proofing material onto the whole floor of the car.
Dad used this Accumat Hyperflex Damping Material.
Using only his cutter, and tape.
Looks like a mess, but if you see can see clearly, it was super neatly done.

The reason for this sound-proofing is to reduce the noise generated from outside.
Of course, you may think that sounds heard is coming from the windows.
Well, that is because the obvious sounds you heard are the honking.
But if you take a spin in a quiet area, and pay attention to the sounds, it really does coming from the ground.
The tires movement, engines and surroundings sounds bumped the waves to the ground and moves upwards from below.
This is known as refraction of sound.
This is physics, my dear fiend.
Yup, we learnt this in high school but never really bothered.
Wanna refresh your memories? Click here.

Back to the main story, after layering the so called damping material onto the base of the car, reverse the process by placing back the carpets onto it's original location, bit by bit.
Securing all the nuts and bolts in place.
Don't forget the seats too.
And wallaaaa !!
Done !
All completed by using his own bare hands.
And this can only be done by my handyman !


  1. Very interesting! Never knew of anyone who did this.

  2. i know!
    and he (my dad) doesn't even work in the automotive industry either!
    left me in awe, every time..


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