Tuesday, April 05, 2011

What's for Supper

I'm not sure about your kids, but my boys, they're always hungry.
They look skinny and small, and people always say that I don't feed them much.
Yeah, so, I suckkk in cooking, but hey, I never failed to feed them, ok!
And when it comes to supper, this is their favourite.
Hershey Chocolate Syrup, Whipped Cream and Strawberries are some of the fridge's must-haves.

First, diced the strawberries.

Next, sprayed the whipped cream into the bowl.

Then, throw the strawberries in.

Finally, poured the Hershey onto them.

Absolutely healthy and delicious snack for the kids!


I.Q.W.A said...


Anonymous said...


jelita78 said...

Iqwa, tips nya kena beli korean strawberry sebab kurang masam!!
walaupun ada Hersheys tu, rasa tak best gak bila masam strawberry tu..

jelita78 said...

betty boop, memang best! sekali buat, kena satu mangkuk utk abang, satu mangkuk untuk adik, satu mangkuk untuk mommy..
nasib baik ayahnya tak suka makan buah..kalu tak, kena beli strawberry pack lagi besar! hehe..

daia said...

wah.... tq2, lepas ni boleh try....

jelita78 said...

hi daia..
oh u must!
boley gak buat untuk apples, grapes, and oranges.. not only strawberries..
my kids just love the whipped cream and Hersheys choc syrup.

Nurman said...

Hmm sodaaappp...we oll try masa kat cameron highland

miSsMawar... said...

okehh ni kalo mkn xgemuk kan?kan? kan? ahahahaha...... haaaa drooling!! ;P

jelita78 said...

Nurman, memang kalu tak try ni kat cameron, baik tak yah pi cameron laa.. dah bersepah strawberries kan..

jelita78 said...

miSsMawar > gerenti tak gemok nye laaarrr..
dijamin by me! hahahha


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