Tuesday, May 03, 2011

What do Xena, Jackie Chan and Robin Hood have in common?

They are all in Thor.
Believe it.
Go watch the movie and you will leave the cinema remembering this scene.
We watched it last night and personally, I liked it.
I seriously adored Natalie Portman and worshipped Anthony Hopkins.
And obviously, can't stop gawking at the Brad Pitt resemblance, Chris Hemsworth as Thor.
But hubby, being a Marvel die hard fan, was not happy with the movie.
According to him, the film should be more focused on Thor, elaborate more on the character, should have less humour, and longer fighting scenes.
Based on comic book character of the same name, Thor, this is a continuation of Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 2.
This film spans almost 2 hours, and once again, let me remind you to please not leave the cinema as soon as credits are up.
Wait till the very end.
Because there will be a trailer of continuation.
Definitely worth the wait.
Ohhhh, I sooo can't wait for Captain America !!

(pics googled from the net)


  1. 18 ke atas kan?sbb rasanya ada sorg kwn bgtau qaiyyum tak leh join bila dorg plan nak gi tgk kat poland ni

  2. ehh.. takdelah..
    well, i don't know if there's any cut or not to the malaysian viewers, but it is rated as PG13 here, which means that parental guidance for children below 13.. boleh laa bawak kids masuk..
    i bawak both my 3 yrs old and 7 yrs old lagi daa.. hehe..

  3. sini nan adoooo potong2 tuh..tapayah bawak la qyum tuh...kang byk soal lak..maknya tak gegeh nak jawab.hahahhaa

  4. oh man, Thor is awesome!!! *heart Chris Hemsworth*

  5. Matt is so looking forward to this movie because he loves the Thor comics. I don't think he is expecting it to follow the comics closely, so I think he'll still like it a lot. It comes out here tomorrow, so we'll probably see it this weekend (if there's time, we do have a busy weekend).

  6. ohhh leoness!!
    he's HOT!
    but i think there may have been too much steroids involved because the mucsles are wayy too much!
    well, being THOR, that is understandable.. LOL

  7. cz22 !! of course there's time!
    he's gonna lovveeee it!
    tell him to stay after the credits!
    there's the Avengers trailer to follow!!


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