Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shoootttt !! I'm completely stressed out today !!

This gonna be one of those ramblings post from me, blabbing about how stressed I am today because of several things.
  1. Amin got bullied at school yesterday.  One of his classmates snatched his lunchbox, ran away with it, ate every chicken nuggets, and then left the lunchbox back on the canteen table, which Amin had to go down and get it after questioning him inside the classroom, as soon as tea-break was over.  Amin said he told his class teacher by she did nothing.  Amin has this allergy towards seafood, and peanuts hence that's why I make sure to prepare him snacks every single day and not encouraging him to buy from the canteen because I don't want him to accidentally ate the crab-nuggets, instead of fish-balls nuggets as the canteen never label these food at all.  Hence when somebody stole his snack, this means that he has no food to eat, and only water to drink.  Can you imagine how angry I was with this?  Oh I feel like going over there today and give this kid a piece of my mind!  After consulting with several close friends of mine, I've decided to just ring the school up and report this to the disciplinary teacher, and we'll see if this occurs again today.  Coz if it repeats again, then ohh please hold me down coz I'm gonna rip your head off, you bully!! You mess with Amin, you mess with his "angry-momma"! You heard that!?
  2. Next, I'm having this major session at the middle of the town tomorrow morning and I need to be there sharp by 8.30am.  It's like beyond impossible ok! I have to move out of the house by 7am to make sure I get there on time! WTF!!!
  3. Hubby is out on workshop this whole week and heck, it's all me handling these loads of shittt !
  4. This advert that I'm working on came out wrong in today's newspaper and I'm pissing myself out with the A&P team.
  5. I'm on my monthly-period! DAMNNNN these hormones!!
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  1. breathe in, breathe out.... selawat. insya Allah, every thing will be OK... good luck!

    aku cakap pandai... my time will come soon! wish me luck yer...

  2. okay syahmi pun pernah alami nie..stress mmg..

    sabar ek!!! wlu tau tk leh sabar sgt :(

  3. Relaks ye kak bawak bertenang

  4. thanks nini..
    insyaAllah.. everything will be ok..

  5. thanks sisdee.. i know.. it's all part of schooling..
    i guess kat mana mana pon sama jer.. mesti ada budak yg nakal..
    hopefully just nakal je laa and not really a bully.. kan?

  6. iyer Nurman..
    sabar itu separuh daripada iman..
    your turn will come, soon! hehehe..

  7. oh my....kecik2 dah pandai bully org. i so feel u babe....hang in there k


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