Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wanna see an angry dragon?

That's me, right now.
Amin got exam starting Tuesday 26th July and he JUST told me about it!!
No letter notification from teachers??
What kind of school is this??
Thanks to Zie from work confirming that his son also has exam starting next week.
It's like every Standard One student nationwide will be having exams.
So, now, I am in full swing with Amin doing revisions, at the same time screaming at Arif that keeps bugging us, also wanting to do revision with coloured pencils and paper!

(pics googled from the net)


  1. cik jelita, fyi std one sk kg tunku takde exam lah... exam tu utk std 2-6.

  2. Hi Anon!!
    thank you soooo much!!
    i called up the school this morning and they have confirmed that the exam is only for pksr3 - affecting standard 2 till standard 6 students only!
    phewww.. now i don't have to worry about my blood pressure rising trying to do revision with a one year old..
    ohhh thank god!

  3. darlinggggg

    sila maklum mmg takde exam utk anak2 pun..even number pun patut takde nnt i share some handout we got from school.

  4. tenkiuuuuuu elinnn!!!
    nnt emel ok!!
    thanks soo much!!


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