Friday, August 05, 2011

I am SCONED by Zeehan

Zee's Scones had me at ohh-laaa-laaa..
and this means that it deserves to be blogged about!
All because of my naughty officemate Qz, sent us this link from on the very 1st day of Ramadhan.
The emails got lengthy..
The excitement got overwhelmed..
And by the 3rd day of Ramadhan, as Qz told us all she ordered for herself to be picked up on Saturday, the drooling among us girls just worsen.
Yeah, what do you expect.. the desire for food during this fasting season is absolutely uncontrollable!

Hence, this calls for desperate measures.
SMS went flying between Zee and me.. and Baayah too.
In a few minutes, a deal has been made.
Zee (pictured above - curtesy of promised to make one batch of 20 pieces of her Cranberry Orange scones..
with clotted cream..
and freshly home-made lemon curd.

Baayah promised to pick it up as she lives near Zee's house..
on Friday morning, on her way to work..
and will do her very best to get to the office safely..
with all the 20 scones, no less.

Me, settled the payment..
coordinated with other girls..
reminded them to bring containers..
make sure everything be distributed evenly.
Lo and behold !
The smell !! Ohhhh myyyyy goddd!!
Seriously very very yummmeeehhh!!
Definitely testing my every bit of Iman.
Now, came the confession of I actually never eaten scones in my entire life and have no idea of what it is anyway.. Bwahahahha..
But never fear, coz the super friendly Zee quickly texted me how.
First, cut the scones into half.. but in my case, I cut it to my bite size.
Then, splat the clotted cream on top.. or all over it, however you like.
And finally, bathe it with the specially made lemon curd like syrup dripping onto it.
The following scenes cannot be viewed because the munching and swallowing was too fast and horrific, for any camera to capture.
Sorry folks.. Bwahahahha!

But what I can tell you is that :
- the Cranberry Orange scones smell is breathtakingly delicious.
- the Cranberry Orange scones texture is super soft.
- the Cranberry Orange scones is rich with Cranberry raisins.
- the Cranberry Orange scones sweet-sour-orange taste is swimming inside it.
- the clotted cream plain-but-creamy taste actually compliments very well to the sweetness of the Cranberry Orange scones.
- the freshly made Lemon Curd is the ultimate creation that made the whole Cranberry Orange tasting experience as da'bomb!!
- the freshly made Lemon Curd tinge of sour taste tops it perfectly with the rest of the flavours.
- the freshly made Lemon Curd makes u wanna lick the bottle, which is forgiven because that's just what happened, to moi.. hehehe
- the Cranberry Orange scones with clotted cream and lemon curd is seriously very filling, so don't be greedy, you can share the 20 scones with friends and families.. or just simply buy more.. haha

To Zee, thanks for willing to take my last minute orders.
To my gurls at work, we'll do the Apricot scones party after Eid, ok!
To my readers, if you want to taste this made-from-the-heart-and-soul scones, kindly visit Zee's Scones facebook.

Have a great weekend ya'ols!!

p/s: this is not a paid advertisement, but simply something from my tongue.. your taste buds may say it differently.

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